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Kathleen L. Hulan, sekunda balalaika, is Financial Advisor to the WBS Board of Directors, and worked in financial management since 1980 at various non-profit organizations in Washington, D.C. Now retired, she started the WBS Music Academy in February of 2009 to teach children to play Russian folk instruments and to help them appreciate the rich musical tradition of Russia and Eastern Europe. She and her husband, Dick, joined the Washington Balalaika Society orchestra in the early 1990s where she now plays prima domra. Kathy and Dick first learned to play balalaika in 1963 (before they were married) from Col. Luke Bakoota, who was choir director at a Russian Orthodox Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Colonel Bakoota was an officer of the White Russian army at age fourteen during the Russian Revolution.

    Svetlana Nikonova
    Janet Bohm
    Kathleen L. Hulan
    Vladimir Zakharevich
    Richard H. Hulan